Centera. A new era of coaching for the next century

Today’s leaders need to learn and grow more rapidly than ever. The competitive challenges they face demand that they constantly and consistently capitalize on opportunities – embracing the future confidently and with absolute accuracy.

As a leader in a complex world PRAGMATIC simplicity is your best ally. Approaches that once worked may no longer apply. You need to adapt, grow and reinvent yourself as a leader. Not continually repeat what has worked before.

Centera's innovative programs bridge executive leadership discovery and growth with practical organizational demands. Our vision of coaching directly links leadership development with organizational and business goals. This business-driven approach allows you to focus on RELEVANT leadership growth and practical application.

Our coaches have experienced the leadership challenges associated with being at the top of their game, and bring that essential business WISDOM and acumen to you through each coaching experience and mentoring relationship. Our Executive Coaching Programs leverage our coaches' proven track records and well-tested coaching skills – putting both to work for you.